Baked Donuts with Ganache frosting

cake mix donut

choc covered donuts

This recipe was very easy and fun to make and once again was a pinterest find with no tweaking from myself. Find the original post on its Always Autumn here.

You will need a donut maker or donut cake pan. (I got my wilton one from TKMaxx but there are various options available on sites like eBay which will give you more or less donuts depending on the size you use.)


1 dry cake mix

1 egg

1/4 cup of vegetable oil,

1 cup of water

Blend all together until smooth then you can use a sandwich bag as a piping bag to accurately fill each donut tin with batter.

bake according to cake mix instructions but i found mine only needed 20 mins cooking time at 150C in a fan assisted oven.


Chocolate ganache was chosen as i had some left over, if making specifically for this, i would halve the recipe to ;

150ml double cream

200mg dark chocolate (grated)

heat cream in saucepan for approx 3 minutes, then remove from heat add  grated chocolate and stir continuously until evenly mix. It will be runny at this point perfect for dipping or you can leave to set in fridge for 4 hours and temper by microwaving for 90 seconds and it will be runny but will set quickly and be perfectly glazed.

et voila…you can sprinkle whatever you want to decorate. then eat because thats the best bit.

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