Gluten-free Chocolate cake to die for…

baking, layer cake

The baking continues with renewed vigour, the kitchen surfaces have been straining under my new purchases, i have found madeline pans, donut pans, springform cake tins of various sizes along with tart tins of tin and silicone. In the midst of admiring my new baking materials I remembered my husband had a very important birthday to celebrate. I took him out on the town sans children, we checked out the Marlene Dumas exhibition at the Tate Modern, as well as the Jamaican hidden histories at the OXO tower, then walking along the south bank and pausing for a burrito before crossing waterloo bridge to catch the Lion King musical (Amazing!). Finally, we finished off with dinner at Dishoom (after a 45 minute wait) , sampling delicious bombay cuisine. He really enjoyed his night, telling me, he was expecting nothing more for his actual birthday the following day but a birthday without cake is just not a birthday at all so but of course, i had to bake.

What cake do you want? I asked him

Surprise me, he said

So i did, with a 2 tier, double layer, chocolate gluten free killer cake covered and filled with dark chocolate ganache. It went down a storm.

Recipe adapted from Lorraine Pascale’s Shameless,flourless, moist & sticky chocolate cake;

165g butter

180g dark chocolate, grated

6 eggs separated

130g caster sugar

130g ground almonds

Chocolate frosting

150g 400g dark chocolate, grated

300g butter  300ml double cream

225g icing sugar

choc ganache 1


Pink Layer cake

baby shower cake, it's a girl, layer cake

pink cake

So i have made my first layer cake, and already i have realised two things, I need more cake pans as I have no idea what sizes these ones were…my guess is 6″ and 9″ but i need to label them and have them gradually increase rather than the marked difference noted here. I also do not have cake dowels, i really need them or my cake will slide all over the place. Last observation, in hindsight, i would have ordered a slightly smaller cake topper but this is no biggie and if questioned, my answer will obviously be it was an ‘artistic on purpose kinda thing’!

Now on to my next issue, I must eat this to make room for another creation, oh the harsh realities of my new line of work hobby!